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TICAD 8: series of sports and youth activities on sidelines of Summit

The events were held by the Tunisian-Japanese friendship association and the Embassy of Japan in Tunis.

Japan's ambassador Shinsuke Shimizu said these activities indicate the willingness of all stakeholders to make the Tunis summit a success.

He added in a statement to TAP that the holding of these events on the Japan Square “evidence of the symbolic value of this space that tends to serve as a space for relaxation for Tunisian citizens.”

Fatma Fourati from the Association of Tunisian-Japanese friendship said the association is committed to accompanying the TICAD 8 summit by launching "TICAD Games" so that sport can play its role in strengthening relations between Tunisia and Japan.

Tunisia is seeing these days a set of events held in conjunction with the organisation of the TICAD 8.