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A strategic location

With a strategic geographical position, at the crossroads of the Mediterranean, i. e. 2 hours flight from the major European capitals and 24 hours sailing time from the main Mediterranean ports, a highly qualified human capital, an advanced infrastructure and an advantageous and constantly improving legal framework in terms of investment incentives, Tunisia aspires to become an industrial and technological hub in the Mediterranean region. It would be an ideal platform for access to the markets of its immediate neighbourhood, the Near and Middle East, Africa, and above all, the European Union, the world’s largest common economic area.

Driven by geographical proximity, multiple economic interests, intensive cultural and human exchanges in addition to shared destinies, Tunisia and the European Union are linked by a strategic relationship and maintain a rich and multifaceted partnership, reflected in the Privileged Partner Status granted in 2012 to Tunisia.

This status made it possible to initiate, from 2013 onwards, the first negotiations which should eventually lead to the conclusion of a Comprehensive and Deep Free Trade Agreement (CFTA) and thus to the integration of the Tunisian economy into the EU’s internal market.

In addition to the conclusion of this important Free Trade Agreement with the European Union, and as part of its strategy to promote its trade and diversify its partners around the world, Tunisia also signed a number of bilateral and multilateral preferential agreements, including:

  • Bilateral agreements establishing free trade areas with Libya, Egypt, Morocco, Jordan and Iraq
  • A Free Trade Area Agreement with Turkey;
  • A Multilateral Free Trade Agreement with the EFTA countries;
  • The Agadir Multilateral Free Trade Agreement between Jordan, Egypt, Morocco and Tunisia;
  • The Agreement establishing the Pan Arab Free Trade Area with 18 member countries of the League of Arab States;
  • Tunisia joined the Economic Community of West African States (ECOWAS) in 2017 with Observer status and in 2018 the Common Market for Eastern and Southern Africa (COMESA) as a full member and
  • In July 2020, Tunisia ratified the Convention on the African Continental Free Trade Area (AfCFTA).