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Invest in Tunisia

A strategic location

With a strategic geographical position, at the crossroads of the Mediterranean, i. e. 2 hours flight from the major European capitals and 24 hours sailing time from the main Mediterranean ports, a highly qualified human capital, an advanced infrastructure and an advantageous and constantly improving legal framework in terms of investment incentives, ...

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An incentive legal and fiscal framework

Recognising that the quality of investment policy directly influences investors’ decisions, Tunisia is undertaking institutional and regulatory efforts aimed at stimulating investment and creating a favourable business climate.

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Highly skilled and qualified workforce

Recognised skills in a number of growth sectors. Competitive and efficient at all levels, they represent a rich pool of multilingual, creative and adaptable talents with more than 65,000 new graduates per year, 18% of whom majoring in engineering and ICT sciences.

Tunisia is positioned as a great pool of human resources recognized at the national and international levels, with the development in recent years of an efficient and resilient IT ecosystem featuring start-ups specializing in the innovative activities of artificial intelligence and big data, which gives Tunisia a great lead in high-tech on the Mediterranean side.

A diversified and rapidly expanding economy

The steady upward trend of Tunisian industry in the global value chains contributes to the success of the companies setting up in the country. Countless foreign groups with international renown are increasingly confident in the Tunisian site.

Tunisia benefits today from well-known and recognised expertise in several fields:

Dynamic entrepreneurial ecosystem

An advanced choice for its development.

Unprecedented in Africa, the Startup Act is the Best Startup Attraction Program in Africa (Source: Startups Without Borders (SWIBO) - 2020).

Tunisia ranks in the Top 5 of the best African Startup ecosystems of the future 2021/22 (according to fDi Intelligence 2020).

Increased economic openness

Tunisia has an unparalleled industrial supply chain in the region. Large European companies are already present in Tunisia and operate in high value-added industries.

Tunisia achieved a progressive and confirmed integration in the global value chains in an increasingly competitive economy. It now stands as a bridgehead for co-development with Africa in a perspective of France-Tunisia-Africa triangulation.

In this regard, Tunisia has consolidated its economic ties with Sub-Saharan Africa and joined the Common Market for Eastern and Southern Africa (COMESA) and the African Continental Free Trade Area (AfCFTA). It has entered into numerous bilateral agreements to strengthen cooperation with its natural environment and to be a gateway for the co-development and expansion of companies targeting the Europe-Africa-Middle East - EAME - region in activities with high development potential.

Attractive features of Tunisia

Thanks to a highly performing industrial fabric, comprising more than 3,700 foreign companies, Tunisia succeeded in carving out an enviable niche in the MENA region and on the African continent.

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