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Toward Energy Transition in Africa: “Understanding and Ensuring Just Energy Transitions in Africa”

Participants in the activities of this seminar will discuss the ways and means of a just energy transition in various African countries, as well as the environmental impacts of the energy transition on the economies of these countries.

This seminar will also be an opportunity to discuss optimal solutions for energy transition in Africa and to identify the advantages and disadvantages of a gradual energy transition.

Participants in this seminar will likewise discuss how African countries are financing sustainable energy transition and measures that can be taken to reduce the risks of sustainable energy investments, in addition to exploring the possibility of creating a “TICAD Energy Transition Fund or TICAD Sustainable Finance Fund”, as part of the solutions proposed to ensure the African energy transition.

In the same context, the conference will be an opportunity to highlight the role development organizations can play (such as the United Nations Development Program and the United Nations Industrial Development Organization) in supporting and facilitating a transition energy fair in Africa, especially in Tunisia.