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TICAD8 and Francophonie Summit, opportunities to encourage investment, digital economy and job creation

Prime Minister Najla Boudem on 18 March 2022 called on the national committees tasked with the organisation of the 8th Tokyo International Conference on African Development (TICAD) and the 18th Froncophonie Summit due next August 27-28 and November 19-20 in Tunisia, respectively, to coordinate with partner countries to focus on projects of primary interest to Tunisia and encourage investment, digital economy and job creation for young graduates.

Chairing the 1st meeting of the two committees since the promulgation of the presidential decrees No.65 and 66 on the creation of the national steering committees for the 18th Francophonie Summit and TICAD8, Bouden urged the ministers attending the meeting and both committees' members to pool efforts to make the most of the opportunities offered by cooperation with Japan, the African and Francophone partners so as to achieve the long-awaited economic reound for the post-COVID19 period.

The organisation of these two summits falls within a particular political context characterised by the reform process aimed at establishing the rule of law that guarantees the rights of all and at the same time able to meet the people' aspirations for a decent life, the Premier indicated.

She undertook to spare no efforts to make a success of these two events, which will see the participation of over 120 countries, pointing out the huge responsibility that lies with the country to successfully organise these two events of international scope.

Bouden also considered that Tunisia is worthy of the confidence placed in it for hosting these summits both in terms of logistics and content and has always been successful in the organisation of major events as testified to by the success of the 30th Summit of the Arab League held on March 31, 2019.

Taking the floor, Minister of Foreign Affairs, Migration and Tunisians Abroad Othman Jerandi deemed that the confidence placed in Tunisia to host these two summits testifies to the good reputation enjoyed by the country with partner countries and friends.

He further affirmed Tunisia's ability to take up the challenge and honour this responsibility, reiterating the country's constant commitment to participate in all events that serve the development goals and promote the spirit of solidarity.

Besides, Jerandi indicated that the success of these two events will only be possible through an efficent coordination between all stakeholders.