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Media Center

Facilities available in the Media Center

The National Organizing Committee informs national and international media representatives wishing to cover the proceedings of the 8th TICAD Conference in Tunisia that a Media Center will be set up in the premises of Cité de la Culture in Tunis.

The Center will provide guests with a wide range of services to satisfy all technical requirements and to guarantee the most favourable working conditions.

The Media Center is equipped with the following facilities and services:
  • A press conference room,
  • A press area with wired and wireless internet,
  • 04 equipped stand up positions,
  • 04 equipped video editing rooms,
  • 02 equipped radio editing rooms,
  • 01 room for play out,
  • 01 space for media duplication,
  • 02 radio studios,
  • Transmission stations with permanent or occasional satellite transmission support (in KU and C band) depending on the booking and IP transmission over the internet,
  • A monitoring distribution for the internal info channel to follow the different events,
  • 10 TV boxes (vanda) 2mx2m with 220V 50 HZ mains and SDI signal on BNC plugs,
  • 10 radio boxes (vanda) with 220V 50 HZ power supply and XLR audio signal and SDI signal on BNC plugs,
  • All video signals are in HD 1080-50i standard,
  • All audio signals are AES/ANALOGIC standard,
  • The mains supply is 220v -50hz with French standard 2P+T plugs.
  • Additional information regarding booking procedures, cost of the various services, and satellite parameters to be used will be provided shortly.


In order to ensure media coverage of the 8th edition of the TICAD conference, the National Office of Tunisian Broadcasting (ONT) provides host countries with a satellite channel operating in KU band and a channel in C band.

These two contribution channels will ensure the HD broadcast of the events programmed for this purpose from the various meeting places. The FEED in KU band will provide wide coverage for the entire MENA zone and the dedicated C-band channel mainly to carry TV signals with very wide coverage for all countries in Europe, Africa and the Middle East. .

The reception parameters of the two channels are described below:

ONT HD1 Eutelsat 21B @ 21.6°E
Down link Freq : 11520,66 MHz Ver
DVB-S2 8PSK FEC: 3/4 RoF : 0,2
SR: 4,83 Msymb/s BW : 5,8 MHz
Bit Rate : 10,52 Mbps
C Band Arabsat 5C @ 20°E
Down link Freq : 3884 MHz
Downlink Polarity : RHCP
SR: 27.5 Msymb/s


Arabsat 5C