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The startup program Tunisia

The startup program Tunisia


A public program included in the Tunisian Digital National Strategic Plan 2016- 2021 and will be renewed as part of the National Strategy for Digital Transformation 2021-2025


  • create high value-added jobs for Tunisian graduates,
  • Increase the share of technological innovation in economic growth, particularly in Gross Domestic Product (GDP).
  • Improve the country’s image, restore and strengthen investor confidence in the Tunisian site.
  • Rekindle hope in youth, stem the brain drain, create wealth.


  • Enable Tunisian startups to succeed regionally and globally.
  • Make Tunisia a hub for innovative companies by attracting African and Mediterranean entrepreneurs and companies to Tunisia (Smart Africa membership).
  • Make Tunisia a Leader in Innovation Quantitative targets: over the next five (05) years:
  • Create 1000 startups at the rate of 200 startups per year  Create +10,000 jobs
  • Successfully allow at least one unicorn to hatch

Program Components:

The pillars:

STARTUP ACT innovative and unique legal framework to promote startups that start up in Tunisia or settle there. The Startup Act is based on a merit label and a series of benefits and incentives for entrepreneurs, startups and investors.

STARTUP INVEST A new investment framework for a strong and dynamic Venture Capital (VC) industry. This framework is based on three instruments: (i) the ANAVA Fund of Funds, (ii) an Incubator of Management Companies, and (iii) the Guarantee Fund of Startups.

STARTUP EMPOWER A new support scheme for Startups and Ecosystem Support Structures (SSO). This diagram is divided into three missions: (i) financing startups and SSOs, (ii) animation of the ecosystem, and (iii) international connections.

The catalysts

TALENT POOL Contribute to making Tunisia a talent pool in the region by supporting initiatives focused on learning coding and fostering pathways of excellence (Grandes Écoles, Ivy League, etc.).

MARKET ACCESS Support initiatives that promote access to local and international markets and help position Tunisia as a country of innovation, startups and talent.

INNOVATION CLUSTERS Support high-potential innovation themes where Tunisia can position itself regionally and even globally and support the establishment of associated competitive clusters.

ANCHOR - INCLUSION Participate in efforts to rethink the places where the innovation and start-up ecosystem is anchored within an inclusive territorial dynamic.

Since the launch of the program more than 700 startups have been labeled