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TICAD 8: Tunisia Investment Authority launches online investor guide in Japanese

The initiative, supported by the European Bank for Reconstruction and Development (EBRD), fits within an approach based on the adoption of digital tools to help investors. It also shows the interest which Tunisia lends to Japanese investors, the authority said.

An easier communication with Japanese investors is sought along with stepped-up efforts to attract more foreign direct investments, particularly Japanese.

The Investor Guide seeks to provide accurate, structured and intelligible information about the broad framework of investment in Tunisia, its legal framework, funding mechanisms and infrastructure.

It is also a tool of information and guidance to help investors carry though their projects; a tailored support is provided if need arises.

"Africa is confronted with a complex crisis," JICA said. The Russian invasion of Ukraine gave rise to an energy and food crisis coupled with the COVID-19 pandemic induced economic stagnation and the serious impact of climate change.

Tunisia is the second host of the conference after Kenya in 2016. https://guide.tia.gov.tn/ja