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TICAD8: 14 side events scheduled

The organising committee of the Tokyo International Conference on African Development "TICAD 8", to be held on August 27 and 28, 2022 in Tunis, has scheduled 14 side events, which will discuss economic development, environment, health and energy transition between Japan and Africa.

These events will take place between August 19 and September 2, 2022 at the City of Culture, the City of Science, in two hotels in the capital and the headquarters of the association Besma (Gammarth / northern suburb of Tunis).

Also on the agenda several panel discussions on climate change, development, technical cooperation between Tunisia and Africa, in addition to the energy transition and the issue of migration as a comprehensive approach to sustainable development.

The organisers of "TICAD8" plan to hold conferences on the issues of private investment in the implementation of climate policies at the international and interregional level, in addition to the issue of financing capital investment in Africa as a stimulus to economic recovery and investment in modern infrastructure in Africa, as well as the issue of investment in health in Africa.

The 3rd Japan-Africa forum that brings together the public and private sectors and the meeting of innovation and business in Africa, are on the agenda of side events.

At a press conference held Wednesday at the City of Culture to present the programme of side events, general coordinator of TICAD 8 Kais Darragi stressed the Conference will focus on three main areas:

The first is the political component, which will address the major challenges facing African countries and the solutions planned with Japan while taking into consideration the development priorities in each country.

The second axis concerns the economic aspect through the organisation of the Japan-Africa business forum.

As for the third axis, it will concern side events as an additional space to allow civil society and activists to express themselves and enrich the debate on development issues in Africa.

President of the organizing unit of side events Jelel Tebib said that the various events planned will be publicized, without giving further details.

He said that the side events have been prepared, in association with civil society, noting that they will be held in person and remotely.