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Side Events

Side Events

In the occasion of the TICAD 8, several events will be organized during the period ranging from the 1st of August to the 30th of September 2022, to emphasise the cooperation between Japan and Africa in many strategic sectors.

The themes of the events will include the economic and commercial cooperation, the importance of innovation as a key factor for the development in Africa, the health issues, the post covid recovery, the space cooperation between Japan and Africa, and the researches cooperation between Japan and Africa.

The complete list of the side events is as follows with a short presentation of each event:
09:00 – 12:00 Women actors of climate resilience and inclusive development

Hôtel Acropole les Berges du Lac

  • Raising technological challenges related to adaptation and mitigation policies in the context of confronting climate change and supporting the elements of resilience to its repercussions, by making further progress on the level of gender equality and empowering women and girls at all levels and supporting women's participation in scientific research and in technological development programs and projects and achieving inclusive development.
  • Promoting economic initiatives and projects and developing women's leadership capabilities in the fields of scientific research, technological innovation and women's entrepreneurship in promising economic activities.
  • Presenting the best women's initiatives aimed at valuing the results of scientific research and developing technological applications to confront climate change and projects to support women's entrepreneurship and encourage women's innovations in smart and green technologies.
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Code de la réunion : K?!Qcx7

11:00-13:00 Tunisian Technical Cooperation for an Integrated and Resilient Africa


  • Showcase the potential of Tunisian Resource Centers from the public and private sectors to implement successfully Triangular Cooperation programs in different development fields, mainly with Japan for the benefit of African Countries.
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08:30 – 12:30 Space activities in Africa, Challenges and opportunities

Cité des sciences

  • African and Japanese experiences in space activities.
  • The challenges and opportunities for the development of space activities.
  • Opportunities for cooperation with Japan in space activities.
09:00-13:00 Innovation and people with special needs:

Center « Basma »
in Gammarth

  • The effective participation of persons with disabilities in the development process in Africa.
  • The training of social workers and the prospects for triangular cooperation.
  • Health research and training: involvement and participatory approach between civil society and public institutions.
  • Presentation of the experiences of participatory science and the interaction between scientific research and society.
  • Promotion of the development of skills to guarantee the quality and continuity of care services.
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ID de réunion : 392 699 214 825

Code secret : : dzL6w

Towards Energy transition in Africa

09:00-10:30 The e-mobility at the service of the energy transition in Africa.

Cité de la Culture
théâtre des jeunes créateurs

    with regard to the promotion of electric mobility, in particular:

  • The issues related to the electric mobility development,
  • The challenges to overcome (Increased use and accessibility of renewable energies, power supply infrastructure, storage and environmental impact, recycling, value chain development and industrial integration, transformation of uses and digital, etc.)..
  • Feedback on the uses of electric vehicle drivers.
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Towards Energy transition in Africa

14:30-16:00 Understanding and Ensuring Just Energy Transitions in Africa

Cité de la Culture
théâtre des jeunes créateurs

This event will explore the following issues:

  • What would a just energy transition looks like across Africa’s diverse contexts? Justice for whom? Should the focus be on accessibility? Or affordability? What are the development implications within the context of the SDGs?
  • Which energy mix would be most appropriate for Africa’s energy transition? What are the merits and demerits of a phased transition?
  • How would African countries finance a sustainable energy transition? What sustainable financing instruments are available to African countries? What steps could be taken to de-risk (or pool risks) for sustainable energy investments? Would regional approaches facilitate financing? Is creating a “TICAD energy Transition Fund or TICAD sustainable finance fund” could be as part of the solution?
  • What steps could be taken to ensure affordability and accessibility for traditionally marginalized individuals and communities? How could we ensure that no one or no region is left behind?
  • What role could development organizations (like UNDP, UNIDO) play in supporting and facilitating a just energy transition across Africa namely in the case for Tunisia?
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08:30-13:00 Migration, Comprehensive approach for sustainable development

Cité de la Culture
Salle Omar Khelifi

  • Debate around the issues (problems, challenges encountered and proposed solutions) of South-North migration within the framework of a Comprehensive approach to sustainable development
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8:30-12:30 The role of the private sector in combating climate change and promoting sustainable development

Cité de la Culture
Salle Taher chriaa

  • Discussions on global and regional ecological and socio-economic climate issues, and highlight the key role of the private sector in ensuring transformational change in global and regional development,
  • Sharing experiences of financial institutions, support mechanisms and cooperation to promote clean private investment aligned with the Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs) and climate issues, at global, regional and national level (Tunisia).
  • Presentation and discussion of the private sector effort and its role in the implementation of the SDGs and climate policies,
  • The role of technological innovation and startups in improving climate ambition and operationalizing climate targets.
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14:00-16:00 The Private Equity Financing in Africa, a Recovery Vector

Cité de la Culture
Salle Taher chriaa

  • The actions and initiatives undertaken or imagined by the various market actors to deal with the economic crisis of COVID and the solutions proposed for the economic recovery.
14:00-17:45 Investing in quality infrastructure for long-term prosperity in Africa-The 3rd Africa-Japan Public-Private Conference for Quality Infrastructure

Cité de la Culture
Salle Omar Khelifi

Devoting Japanese excellence, Tunisian expertise for high quality infrastructure in Africa

  • • Infrastructure financing in Africa.
  • Successful Tunisian experiences in Africa.
  • Successful Japanese experiences in Africa.
  • Management of major projects in Africa: the experience of Tunisian consultants.
  • Presentation of some infrastructure and logistics projects in Tunisia.
  • Investment opportunities in Africa - Presentation of investment opportunities in of Libya.
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09:00-13:00 Fostering cooperation between Africa and Japan in the fields of Agricultural Innovation, Vocational Training, Extension, Research and Higher Education Program: Creation of African Center of Innovation and Smart Agriculture (ACISA)

Cité de la Culture
Room Sophie Golli

  • The present event aims to lay the groundwork for a structured and sustainable cooperation between Japan and African countries in the fields of innovation and agritech. Indeed, climate changes and the overexploitation of natural resources are forcing the recourse to a knowledge-based agriculture. The central idea revolves around the creation of an african center dedicated to innovation and smart agriculture. Training, internship, innovation and support activities for the creation of start-ups will be carried out in this center for the benefit of african stakeholders.
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09:00-12:35 Investing in health in Africa, prospects and challenges

Cité de la Culture
Room Taher Chriaa

  • Present Tunisia's competitive advantages in the health sector, particularly in the following areas: the pharmaceutical industry, medical care services, training.
  • Expose opportunities for investment and partnership with Japan and African countries in the various fields of health.
  • Present African success stories in certain areas of health.
  • Promote north-south and south-south cooperation and sharing of experience and know-how with African countries in the fields of health.
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A partir de 08:30 TUNISIA TICAD INNOVATION-2022 « Hub of Innovation and Business in Africa »


Inauguration of TICAD EXPO : The International Exhibition of Invention, Research Innovation
  • The most innovative inventions and research shortlisted to participate in the final selection of the 3rd edition of the National Invention Competition and the 1st International Championship of Invention and Scientific Research
  • The best tech startups in the digital, health, renewable energy, green economy, environment, climate change, health tech and social economy sectors.
  • Companies in the value chain of the automotive and aerospace components sector
  • National and international innovation support system: Presentation of the Catalogue of Tunisian Start-ups
Opening Awards Ceremony :
  • Invention Competition
  • International 3rd National Championship of Invention and Scientific Research
  • IA Hack Tunisia
Conference and success stories session: Economic and scientific conferences - workshops

Investing in Knowledge and Innovation for a New Africa:

  • Panel 1: Strategies for Technology/Innovation Transfer and opportunities of technoparks development of Japan-Africa
  • Panel 2: Water, Energy and Materials Science for Sustainable Development in Africa
  • Panel 3: Biotechnology, Health, Food, Agriculture and ICT
  • Panel 4: Looking ahead Forum: Investing in Artificial Intelligence and start-ups’ stakes and prospects

Aerospace Automotive Sector in Africa

Opportunities and Challenges: Outlook for the Automotive Components Industry in Africa, skills and human resources in the automotive and aerospace components sectors in Africa

Participatory financing of start-ups and innovation: an investment dynamic in Africa in the digital age

Participatory funding, presentation of innovative start-ups and the launching of the initiative to manufacture inventions

Pitch your start up session
B2B et B2R sessions
Hack Africa Automative (48h00)
Closing ceremony
Closing Remarks
Hack Africa Automative awards ceremony
Webinar link : TICAD Innovation , TICAD Hackathton